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LinkExchange Daily Digest
Moderated Discussion List

List Moderator: Adam Audette
Supported by: LinkExchange

DATE 11/10/99 Digest #715

-=Banners and Strategic Linking=-
~ Rod Aries

" is the page impressions from your targeted customer
that counts, [not the banner page impressions]..."

From: Rod Aries <>
Subject: Banners and offsite linking strategies

Muhammad Lee thoughtfully wrote (LED 712),

Put ads on all your pages, who cares if someone comes to your site through an interior page?! They will see the ad on that page, and then they will have to navigate through your site to get to the front page, or the order page or any page that they can order tickets from and/or order tickets for a band other than one listed on the interior page, thus giving you MORE page impressions, more ad revenue and more ticket revenue!

Gosh, I always read this banner advertising / page impression stuff wondering why someone would do this...

One of my favorite expressions is, "Banners are for companies that don't know how to get traffic to their site."

I know, I know, don't bash banners... I can understand someone like Disney or Yahoo!, because people are going to their site anyway, and will come back. But someone who gets say, 10,000 visits a month, fighting and clawing for each one, and then to offer a banner ad to go off to Amazon for a measly $5 coupon... isn't your site, your visitor worth more?

And, realistically, most people aren't coming back to your site, over and over. If you have a mortgage site and provide a loan, when is that person ever going to visit your site again? If you offer inkjets, and they don't buy from you, they will probably not come back to you, because they found another inkjet supplier.

We all put up websites to conduct business... AND if I have an internet marketing business, and someone has taken the time to go to a search engine or directory and find me for one of my terms, I don't quite get why I would want to let this valuable person accidently/casually leave my site. I can see, maybe, an argument about badly needed revenue - so a 10,000 visit a month site, at $40/M kicks out an extra $400 a month. BUT how much does that cost me in lost business?

What if one of my clients, the one who was going to be my biggest client for the month, has a son with a birthday, so she clicks onto the Amazon banner, or uBid or whatever. Gawd, my biggest potential client leaves me so she can save a few dollars for her son's birthday - (that just cost my daughter her birthday gift...)

So, my take is, if you are huge and you have more clients spilling through your site than you need, make the money selling banners... But, if you are a normal company trying to conduct business on the net, trying to be of service to your clients, don't let your targeted customers leave so easily.

It is not the banner page impressions that counts, it is the page impressions from your targeted customer that counts.

At your service,
Rod Aries


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