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"Understanding Internet search technology."

List Moderator: Marshall D. Simmonds

DATE 9/29/98 Issue #064


"Best web site promoting tool"
~Rod Aries

Subject: Re: Best web site promoting tool

There are in the market many good automatic web site promoting tools that send same URL to as much as +400 search engines automatically without great typing effort and time consumption. Which is the best (or most popular) and where can it be found?

So you want to submit your web page to the search engines and get found...And you are going to pay a search engine submission service $, 9.95, $50, $99, $150 to do this for you. I have some bad news for you... You won't like the results in almost all cases!!

Well, the best analogy I can think of is all the waiters/waitresses in Los Angeles and New York waiting to be found for Broadway or Hollywood. Hundreds of talented people ready to be discovered --and they won't be for many reasons: no agent, bad agent, poor portfolio, not at the right place at the right time, didn't find out about the audition, etc.

It is the same way when you submit an unoptimized web page, you severely limit the chance of being discovered, if you don't properly construct your source code. One of the most common e-mails I receive from clients is, "I've paid additional to personally submit it to 100/200/500 search engines. I really expected to start getting visits, but I didn't."

Well, just because a site is submitted doesn't mean it is going to be ranked, or even found. We all know the computer adage, "Garbage in, garbage out." If you have a poorly optimized site for search engine relevancy, the only thing you are doing is insuring you will be listed near the bottom of 500+ search engines. There is no magic in the submission to the engines, the magic in the way your page is structurally designed.

Here are 10 steps you need to do BEFORE you submit your site to the engines.

1. Test your current web ranking BEFORE your submit your web page. If you have a good ranking, AND if you have changed either the file size or file date AFTER you originally submitted your site and achieved your great ranking, DO NOT resubmit. You, in all likelihood will LOSE your ranking. Search engine algorithms change, more competitors are now in existence. You can go to each engines and check for various keywords and see if you are ranked or you can use a software program to do this for you free at

2. Prepare a list of keywords related to your site

3. Keyword meta tags -- Insert your a list of at least 30 important keywords, place them in the meta tag

4. Alt-tags -- make sure all your images are labeled not only with a description, but with a keyword rich description

5. Meta description -- Write 3 or 4 keyword laden sentences for your meta description

6. Meta titles -- email for my free report "Optimizing Your Web Site: How to "Wu-Wu" Your Title."

7. Visible text -- MOST importantly, don't use adjectives and pronouns, use nouns. Yes you have to write for human consumption, but if you don't write for the search engine spiders, humans will never feast upon your site. Also, one of the major engines will not accept your web site unless you have at least 75 visible words. , and sprinkle them in your visible text. Skip this step and you will reside in the bowels of the engines.

8. Heading text -- make use of headings in the HTML and place keywords in the headings.

9. Don't "Spam" your keywords -- email for my free report "Search Engine Secrets That Don't Work"

10. Submit to the major engines -- you can submit your site for free, from my web page at and select each major engine submit your site

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or download for FREE the software that will do it

At your service,
Rod Aries,
How To Internet Your Business

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