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I-Search Discussion List

"Understanding Internet search technology."

Moderator:  Detlev Johnson

Issue #406 - July 24, 2003

~ Rod Aries

Marsha wrote:

>>I too am an editor in DMOZ.<<

I was a DMOZ editor of several categories for a while and I became totally disillusioned with the lack of direction and standards at DMOZ. I had access to the "editor comments" pages and it was pathetic. The way the DMOZ "review" process works reminds me of what a girlfriend of mine (if you can believe that) once told me on how she picked her friends... "If I look better than them in my bikini, then they can be my friend." I think she said that in jest...

For the most part, in my very, very slanted opinion, DMOZ runs the same way. While there are many altruistic editors, there are a large number of gatekeeper editors as well who are a series of tribal fiefdoms where whoever gets in first has the ability to let almost-as-good-as-their sites in, let a few of the big players in so they look like they are doing their job and refuse any site that would look better in a bikini than the editors site. Again, there are a lot of good editors...

Marsha, went on to state, >> I maintain a very small category and got to be an editor right away because I am very knowledgeable of who should and should not be in my category. I must say however, that once I look at the site being submitted I consider some significant factors. I look at navigation, links within the site, pop ups (I will no tallow them),<<

You know, I am not a big fan of pop-ups. I use a pop-up killer that I paid the registration fee for because I was so pleased with the software and how well it performed.  Having said that, I have one site that added $3,000/month in additional revenue after I added the pop-up to my site.  Pop-ups can be used for a number of valuable reasons - I have an exit pop-up on my daughters site ( 40,000 uniques a year) which Iuse to ask "locals" if they want to sign up for our little newsletter - they do. That is a helpful pop. I also have a pop-under which is the commercial that offers links to surfboards, wet suits, surf gear, etc that help pay for the surf cam, and her HTML time, on her site. That pop is abit annoying, but it earns my daughter more per month than just about most 13 year old kids in America. The pop, although a bit ugly, works as people are actually using it.

So, back to the comment, "pop ups (I will not allow them), "I am not sure that it is appropriate for a DMOZ editor to unilateral play the Almighty-role, and make a statement that all pop-ups are bad and therefore none will enter my kingdom. Some pops have a function.

At your service,
Rod Aries, How To Internet Your Business
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