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LinkExchange Digest
Moderated Discussion List

"Effective Online Advertising"
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Adam Audette LinkExchange

September 24, 1998 Digest #434
"Domain Name Business"
~ Rod Aries

Subject: Re: The Domain Name Business
Jason Collier wrote:
With URLs going for more than $10,000 for a $70 investment, registering URLs became the melting pot of Wall Street and Las Vegas Jason, yep, it used to be location, location, location and now it may be domain, domain domain - or maybe ranking, ranking, ranking...

<snip> >...right here on the Information Highway. There was, and still is, a high-pay out - if the company wants the correct address and feels it will drive visitors to their website. A simple inquiry to returned a quote of $13,500.

Just because they are asking for that, doesn't mean it will sell for that. Visit several of the 20 major domain brokers and look at the inventory, 100's of names, and then look at the names they boast to have sold, about 1% of that. Yes,, and make for great headlines, but they are the exception.

<snip> >Well, now is your chance to ride the roller coaster of URL buying with a new .CC global domain. Yes, that's right, those .com, .net,'s are going to be in the 'hood with a new .cc neighbor.<

Well, neighbor, you get people to pay $300,000 for a 5 bedroom house, in an area of $300,000 homes, but try and squeeze a $300,000 sale out of a neighborhood with $125,000 homes. It is the same with the *.cc; sorry it is a 4th class home. Now it may be worth more in the future when there are 4.7 billion *.com names taken, maybe...but now -doubtful.

<snip> >At last check even was still available! The cost: $100 for the first two years and $50 after that, plus a $49 registration fee. Is it worth the gamble?

hmm, in most cases the knock-off's are not as good as the original...Which is better, 1-800 Flowers or 1-888-Flowers or 1-877 Flowers.? The dot com's are the 800 numbers of the internet. You betcha that there are a lot of *.cc names out there, and for good reason.

Tell anyone to call you on your toll free number, they first assume it is an "800" number. Tell anyone you have a name, say, 'business,' and they don't ask, "Is that dot org?" They assume it is dot com. is gone, I checked.

I personally own over 60 domains (many of them bought for resale, and even sold some...), one is a, one is a, 4 are dot coms with a hyphen in the name and the rest are dot com's with NO hyphen. I buy about a name a week, almost all of the exceptional names have been gone for some time, but there are still niche *.com names out there.

Now I reserve the right to change my mind, but at this point in time there is no way I would buy a *.cc name. I know how hard it is to explain the *.net or the hyphen for my existing sites, I can only imagine explaining to people what a cc is...but in year I could change my mind.

If you are going to speculate, start with *.com names.

At your service,
Rod Aries
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