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I-Sales Digest
"Data -> Information -> Knowledge -> Wisdom

Moderator:John Audette

August 14, 2000 Issue # 1146

"Fighting Spam"
~ Rod Aries



I recently read a post from a spammer saying something to the effect it only takes a half second to delete an email... Hmm, half -second... I will share with you what I do to try and save that half second, and then re-invest it to save future half-seconds. I also get pretty annoyed and have instituted several measures to fight back. The first part of this email are some things I do help better manage my inbox. The very last item is what you can do to help stop spammers. 

I have numerous active domains and receive about 400+ emails a day
-- a fair amount of which is spam. Here are a few things I did to try and achieve less than a half a second of my time: 

1) using distinct emails to post ( in new places, to sign up for newsletters (, to receive requests from my web sites (, to receive mail from friends (, to submit web pages to search engines ( we have weeks where we produce nearly 1,000 web pages for clients and then submit them to the 10 major portals (10,000 submissions), so any thing we can do to help sort and route goes a long way). 

2. set my Eudora filters to screen the above addresses - some I do color coded, some I filter to a new folder. So I can look down my in box (and sort by label if need be) and see green for inquiries, red for spam, etc

3) set additional Eudora filters to attempt to screen spam by searching for phrases like: this is not spam or
 Section 301, Paragraph (a quoted 'legal' source) or
1618 TITLE III (a quoted 'legal' source) or
if the Subject contains a "$"

These automatically go into a spam folder, which I then quickly scan just to be sure no one by mistake snuck in. I then select all emails at once in this folder and hit DELETE, average about a half second per 25 emails :))

4. to improve my knowledge base I do the following... If I read a posting about an interesting bit of news or software or fact I copy the piece and email it to myself with the subject "Newbies:" followed by something descriptive such as: 

Newbies: Software logs and tracking or
Newbies: software for meta tags or
Newbies: studies text more valuable than graphics 
and then paste the source, the statement, followed by my comments,
if any.

I have the Newbies: set up as a template so i simply copy the info, click the icon I created for Newbie: then paste. Takes about 3-4 seconds. I now have about 4,500 emails sorted by internet marketing, web page marketing, domain name management, software etc.

I then set up a filter to automatically put any email from me AND with Newbies: in the subject to go into the, surprise, Newbies folder. So when I sort by topic, all the Newbies: internet marketing tidbits are all adjacent.

Keith @ suggested in one of the i-zines... >> The best tool I've found, still gets it wrong a percentage of the time. (It's even pointed back at my own e-mail address a couple of times.) Any tool that tries to automate the process will be trashing more than the guilty. Take care. <<

I use SpamCop to report spammers: . It is free and I take that half second I saved by not having to read spam, and use that half second now to report spam. Hopefully, that makes it more difficult to spam and may prevent a future spamming, saving me that half second soon :)

At your service,

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