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"Effective Online Advertising"
List Moderator: Adam Audette

September 27 2000 Digest #926
Search Engine Listing Charges
~ Rod Aries

"...the $200 is a bargain, unless you have a site that is, for what ever reason, nonprofit..." Subject: Seach Engine Listing Charges

Larry Boardman wrote: 

I want to focus not on if they charge but what they charge and what you get from it... and then went on to say all the $200 gets you is a 'look'.

I would like to offer another perspective on what you get... a listing in a major directory for only $200. Gawd, where do I sign up? Have you seen how large of a yellow pages ad you can get or how many direct mail pieces you can send for $200? And, although implicit, the $200 appears to buy you an indefinite period listing vs. a one year listing in something like the yellow pages.

If you calculate the true cost - over time, it probably works out to about a PENNY a click.

So, the $200 is a bargain, unless you have a site that is, for what

ver reason, nonprofit...

My 10 year old is the 'soul' proprietor of her own 40-page surfing site ( ), which actually gets 15-30 unique visitors a day, but while a labor of love (and experience) for her, I would be hard pressed to spend $200 to submit her site. I have had to take the on the cumbersome task of showing her how to ask (beg) for links from other surf related sites - so I can relate to those complaining about the fees :)

Larry added --

My gripe is the price vs value. If the charge was $25 for a "look", then I would not have a problem and neither would my clients. But at $200 per search engine, even my major clients are taking a second look.

Someone who is going to spend $200 on a submission had better be confident in their product/service, content and appearance. I would also comment that if you don't get in after spending $200, it is probably a good wake up call for you telling you to get a decent site. Furthermore, with all due respect, if you have a commercial site and you are wondering if you are going to get your $200 back in terms of increased sales, you may need to re-evaluate your product line.

This internet thing is not free... there is a cost with it and as with other aspects in business you 'pay to play'. Internet companies have a right to make a profit, the same way you have a way to make a profit from your web site. If you don't like the $200 fee, don't do it. But snubbing your wallet at Yahoo and Looksmart seems only to be a personal battle of ego, not common sense.

I would offer, that for a decent commercial site, you should easily recover the $200 in increased sales - in a very short period of time. Seems like a no brainer to me - spend $200 get $2,000 or $20,000 or $200,000 back...

We have clients ( ) with half a million+ unique visitors a year - SOLELY from directories and search engines - that $200 is the best they money we ever spent.

There is another advantage (to some) in that the $200 acts like a membership fee, in that it keeps people (nonmembers) out of the club (directories), thus effectively lowering the sheer volume of competition - from millions of pages to maybe just thousands of pages.

So, in sum, 'if you won't spend the dime, it will be a crime...' (to your web site and potential visitors). :)

At your service,

Rod Aries

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