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List Moderator: Published by:
Adam Audette LED Digest

February 5, 2004
Issue  #1742

--== Losing Filtered Email ==--
~ Rod Aries

 ~ Rod Aries
"Competitive intelligence on the net is a key
to helping to succeed."

From: Rod Aries
Subject: Losing email

> I just do not feel confident that filters will let
> through the mail that I need to run my business.
- Wanda Husick, LED 1741

I have wrestled with this very issue... we searched a multitude of
possible solutions. We wanted to know if a person that I have...

  1. sent a proposal to has received it?
  2. someone who owes me money is receiving my email demand note, but ignoring me?
  3. when someone opens my email, if at all?
  4. how long they read it for (as an indication of interest)?
  5. if they forwarded it to anyone else?
  6. if you have any links in your email, did they click on a link?
    Which ones? How many times?
  7. if I attached a Word or Excel document, did they open it?
  8. in what city did they open it? etc.

We settled on a software solution that tells us when all the above. Here is one way we use it... in one of our businesses we send our proposals upon request. We use the program to embed the hidden mode code (it can be visible also, but I seem to enjoy the stealth mode where I can voyeur their interest in my email).

Sometimes you can tell the sophistication of the recipient by factors such as which operating system (ie a Windows 95 user could be scary) they use and how long they took to open an email.

Also for people who hide behind a Hotmail account, we can sometimes tell what city they are in. Here is an example of the report I receive:  

Opened at apparent address of:
Opened 11-Jan-04 at 17:00:07pm (UTC -7:00) - 42mins12secs after sending

Location Marlborough, Massachusetts, United States (99% likelihood)
Language of recipient's PC: en-us (English/United States)

Browser used by recipient: Moz/4.0 (MSIE 6.0; Win98; Win 9x 4.90)
Accepts Files browser can open: */*,i/gif, i/jpeg, i/pjpeg,
ap/msword, ap/, ap/,
ap/x-gsarcade-launch, ap/x-shockwave-flash, */*

Forwarded email
Closed Reader closed your email at 11-Jan-04 at 17:02:23pm (UTC
-7:00) - read for 2mins16secs


As you can see the recipient is in Mass, opened my email in less
than 1 hour, uses MSIE 6.0, Win98 and read my email for 2mins16secs.  I also found that over the course of several days that the email was opened 5 times by the recipient reader and forwarded to two other readers. The recipient had 5 opening occasions account for 10mins 29secs total opening time. I also can see that the person it was referred to opened the email as well.

This tells me that he is probably interested in the proposal I sent him. And, based on this info, I contact this person before I contact other potential clients.

I emailed my accountant a complex question and then when talking to her, I mentioned that she opened my email just after lunch, but only read my email for 24 seconds, but that she did click on the link in the body of the email.

She asked how I knew... and then argued about it, and then bought it as a tool for her practice.

Competitive intelligence on the net is a key to helping to succeed. I have spent hours and hours testing numerous software programs that claim to do all the above, but have settled on one program (which we now resell see -  there is a free testing period - and the commission we earn if far less than the time it took me to write this email ) - this program notifies me of all the above.

Anyways, that is the culmination of a fair amount of research we did and how we resolved the problem...

At your service,

Rod Aries

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