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"Data -> Information -> Knowledge -> Wisdom"

List Moderator: Eva Rosenberg

Published by: AudetteMedia

August 13, 1998 Issue # 197

"Need Help - Big Time"
~ Rod Aries

Subject: Need Help - Big Time

<Snip - text edited - way too long - enough to say, his site was copied and ripped off. AOL did not keep their promise to help him. ER>

long questions get long answers...

Several months ago, as a final attempt to reconstruct my personal writing service on the Web, I re-wrote the entire text I changed its name to "Cyrano Writes 4 U".

First comment: I read your text, it was written for humans... you need to improve the content for spiders as well... You need to apply those advertised writing skills to the broader audience encompassing man and machine...

Next comment: if I stumble on your page and want to call you, contact you, reach you, grab you, it is impossible: no name, no email, no number, no address equals no calls not a good start
I paid several hundred dollars for a company to design it for best visual effect, submit it on various search engines, well, if this site is going to work you are either going to have to pay several hundred dollars more or roll up your sleeves and learn a little html, optimizing et al...

Although this company submitted my web page to all the search engines more than two months ago, I can't find it anywhere; but it only shows up on InfoSeek and Galaxy. 

Let's start at the beginning -- Are you in all the engines?

If you are not sure, you can test your site from my web page at and select each major engine test your site The navagational bar reads Search Engine Secrets []Tricks That Don't Work []Yahoo []InfoSeek []Excite []Lycos []HotBot []AltaVista []Northern Light []Web Crawler

NEXT your title is awful, <title>Cyrano Writes 4Me</title> see free report on how to optimize your title

and I'm now paying that company $34.95 monthly for hosting (whatever that means).

$35 is reasonable, you can pay from zero to $149/month you kinda get what you pay for, but if money is tight there are a couple of zero and $10 month options that seem to do the job..

I've paid additional to personally submit it to 100 search engines with no luck.

If you submitted an unoptimized page, the axiom, "garbage in, garbage out" comes into play...

I've tried to join a banner link program; I was sent a code, but can't paste it onto my HTML because I don't have an HTML copy, and wouldn't know what to do with it if I had. And.......

I usually get hate email when I say this, but... You know, I have a hard time believing that these second tier methods (read:banners) are anywhere near as productive as good 'ol search engine listings...

When someone goes to the web and looks up "discount long distance" and then they arrive at the first page and it has a banner for "cruise lines," I just can't see how the "cruise line" banner is going to be as effective--they are looking for phone rates. I am sure someone is going to click-thru and buy one of those cruises, but it wasn't what that person was looking for... Even take a search for "discount long distance" that brings up "international rates" or "new phone hardware" banners, related (targeted in the vernacular) but still not what that person is looking for -- domestic long distance service. They don't call the UK and they don't need a new PBX. A site that is optimized for search engine relevancy will produces thousands of visits, while a banner--which you pay for on some basis, just won't return the same bang for the buck...

And my take on contests is not that good either, especially free contests. There are sites that list nothing but free stuff on the net and people who go from link to link to linc (solid!) are not the customers you want to attract to a typical web site. Yes, the traffic count is nice to talk up to your friends, but is the quality of the visitor there???????

Why not put that same effort into tweaking your site for the engines. Thousands of visitors will come to you, people who want your service or product-highly targeted, perfectly matched to your site.

Can someone please advise me how I can get my web site done most effectively, and properly submitted to enough search engines in a way which will give it some means of showing up when keywords are submitted?

you could use: alt tags meta tags meta descriptions heavy content rewrite for the engines

also a couple of personal biased perspectives: get rid of the counter get rid of the hard to read script font get rid of the "last edited" date get rid of the why advertise for him/her? add your own email address on each page -- don't you even think about using your aol address on your own domain!!! again, these are just personal opinions...

Can you suggest some company that (for a price I can afford) take the internet is full of information, you have to transform that into knowledge and action...

At your service,
Rod Aries

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