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List Moderator: Eva Rosenberg E-Mail Published by: AudetteMedia URL:

November 13, 1998 Issue # 244

"Recommendation on Mass Submission"
~ Rod Aries

Subject: Recommendation on Mass Submission Service

I provide search engine registration/marketing services to clients that want more traffic to their sites. Since the search engines are now measuring how linked a site is, I use a paid site that in about 1.5 hours will register my client's site on 50 -100 sites. I am not entirely happy with this service.


I had several web sites and I wanted to get them found by potential visitors. So I looked at, and tested, a half dozen software programs and about 60-70 search engine submission services, before I decided on this one, Submit Wolf.

I now average 40-100 unique web page submissions per month (mostly from web design clients - plus my own pages), with each web page submitted to an average of 400 unique search engines and business links. So on a 40 page month I produce about 16,000 total submissions, and on busier months, about 40,000 unique submissions. And it works...

Submit Wolf is a professional Web Page Promotion Robot. SubmitWolf 4.0 has a database of over 2400 search engines and link directories where you can promote your URLs. Submission to over 1200 sites is fully automated, and a listing with these engines can dramatically increase your web site traffic. Fully programmable, you can edit, and/or add your own engines.

Features include:

URL Rank Feature to keep a track of how your URL is positioned on the major search engines. META tags generator to help optimize your search engine listings. FAST concurrent submissions. It only takes minutes to do a submission with SubmitWolf. Ability to add your own engines. FREE script upgrades released on average twice a month, so your program will always be up to date. Detailed submission reports. FREE technical support. Third party expansion packs can increase the submit power of SubmitWolf by another 400 engines. Proxy server support.

Dan, you also wrote... >Do Web consultants have a recommendation of a service that can deliver a lot of quality links quickly for my clients? Please no spamming me with ads about registering your site on 10,000 sites. <

Submit Wolf has an anti-spamming feature built in Smart Category selection. Select one category and SubmitWolf will find the best one for each engine. This prevents me from submitting pages on Chess Club's to the Harley Davidson links or Pamela Lee Anderson pages to kids books links...

Furthermore, the purchase fee of $95 for one site alone, is great, as you can constantly update your web pages and then automatically submit them while you read email. It is a bargain if you manage more than one web site.

Now, so there are no surprises here, I liked it so much, that I now offer it as a reseller. At its low price of less than a $100, I don't make enough money per sale to jump up and down and promote the heck out of it. BUT I do offer it because it works as a valuable service for my clients so they can add it to their arsenal of "must-have" web promotion tools.

For more information, please visit

And lastly, for FREE, if you would like to see how to MANUALLY submit your web page to the major engines, just go to and in the left hand navigational bar are the names of the major search engines, just pick an engine, and you will find information on how to submit by hand to each engine.

At your service,
Rod Aries, How To Internet Your Business




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