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LinkExchange Daily Digest
Moderated Discussion List

"Effective Online Advertising"
List Moderator: Supported by:  Adam Audette LinkExchange

April 20, 1999           Digest #581

Search Engine Optimization & Submission
~ Rod Aries
Subject: Search Engine re-submissions

Tom Slaughter asked:

...Is it wise to resubmit to the search engines periodically?

I think that one of the keys to controlling search engine positioning is to understand what you have currently. This is how I manage the resubmission aspect for my own pages and my client sites.

1. Check the keywords essential to business, with each major search engine, to see if you are ranked (you can do this manually or download a program).

2. Make a list of which engines and which keywords you are ranked.
Hmm, why do this you ask?

Well, you do NOT want to resubmit ranked pages. No if's and's or but's! Search engines claim to reindex to your domain at regular intervals, but let's not help them do it, unless you are UNRANKED. If you constantly tinker with your web page, adding a word or two here and there, the file date and file character size is going to change. If the date and/or file size has changed, and a search engine spider visits your site, you are inviting a reindex of you domain. If you have a #7 ranking, it is easier to go down than up. Don't do it.

3. Check unranked web pages to see if you are even in the engines. This is free as well...go to and in the left hand navigational column is a subject "SEARCH ENGINE TIPS & SECRETS" - Just follow each of the links (HotBot, Excite etc) and it will show how to check if you are indexed.

4. Make a list of which pages are indexed but not ranked versus just not in the engines; make the list by engine.

Hmm, why do this you ask?

You want to know if a page is indexed but just doesn't rank very well, versus a page that has not been indexed. If a page is indexed and not ranked, well then you can tweak with the site and resubmit hoping to get a higher ranking. If a page has not yet been indexed, no sense in tweaking it, just submit it, see where it ranks, then tweak as necessary.

Oh, be sure to watch for a page that is ranked in one engine, but not in others. This is why you have to have your list of keywords & rankings, by engine. If you have a HotBot ranking of #7 for your index page, and no other rankings - then you go a-tweaking your index page to get rankings for other engines, again, you stand to lose your good HotBot ranking. Be careful.

<snip> >I've wondered ever since if resubmission would enhance our position with the SE's or if I'd be penalized for spamming.<

The old computer adage, "GIGO - garbage in, garbage out" comes into play. It is not how many times you submit your web page, it is how "relevant" it is to that specific search engines. A poorly optimized web page will get poor rankings, no matter how much you submit it...

One other wildcard to factor into your analysis. Check your logs for rankings of unintended keywords. Say you are an a company that optimizes web sites, and by reviewing your log detail, you discover that while you are ranked for words like "search engine optimization" et al, you are also ranked for, a phrase outside your intended audience, say, "web design." You may want to keep the unintended ranking, depending on if that ranking is something you offer or could offer...

I know, it seems like the process to manage search engine optimization and web page rankings takes longer than to actually get the rankings...but it is as important to maintain the rankings once you get them.

At your service,
Rod Aries
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