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"Effective Online Advertising"

List Moderator: Adam Audette

February 18, 2000           Digest #773

"The shyness of success"
~Rod Aries

Subject: The shyness of success

Allan Gardyne wrote,
Many people who are struggling to make money from affiliate programs find it hard to believe that some people have actually figured out how to earn decent money with affiliate programs. So I like interviewing some of the successful ones... However, I've found that the REALLY successful affiliates - the cream of the cream - tend to be rather shy...<


I am not sure if 'shy' is the correct word to use, or strategy to take. Now don't get me wrong, companies have to 'toot their own horn,' but they do not have to give away the blueprints to their success.

My partner and I control over 500 web sites and we have spent thousands and thousands of hours, over the last five years, creating highly successful web sites for our clients and for ourselves. We have clients producing $100,000 per day, net, from their sites. In four days, we just produced a flower site that had 15,000 visitors in its first two weeks. But as far as disclosing the names of those site, it just doesn't make any sense.

All of this is know-how and expertise to make a revenue producing site, and then to simply invite someone over to a SPECIFIC site andsay "Come on in," just doesn't make any sense. I have experimented, tweaked, read, studied, tested, guessed, got lucky, organized and discovered many 'secrets' and try to incorporate these into each site we compose. We have a staff of ten and spend hours training individuals just on a single facet of internet marketing or web site design, so that is all they do -become an expert in a specific aspect. So I can understand why successful owners want to be shy about giving out information on a SPECIFIC site. It seems to be smart business to protect your unique skills and ability.

Some of the lessons learned are evident, and can be shared, such as:

 Revenue creation: Design for show, content for dough.

- Link strategy: They check in, but they don't check out.

- Creating high traffic: Niche, niche, niche.

- R&D: The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources. - Albert Einstein

- Hit counters: Never use them: if your counter is low, they scareaway your customers; if your counter is high, they attract yourcompetitors. Other findings such as spatial keyword analysis, reverse engineering algorithms and domain/title/content correlations are really proprietary in nature and are what separate companies that produce a high amount of traffic from sites that are just on the net.

So, where does that leave me? Well, I went pretty thoroughly over the HTML code, examined the affiliate plans that he uses (he probably spent hours of time to find which were the most reputable and best performing), determined who is linking to his site, when his site was constructed, analyzed the last date his main page was edited, determined what other web sites he owns, reviewed his keyword strategy, investigated competitive domain names that still might be available... and then proceeded to do the same about the affiliate sites. In a matter of 20 minutes, I have a template of what has taken someone months to discover, create and implement.

Finally, I noticed an interesting dichotomy that has occurred in your post: The owner of has a reason to be shy and guarded - it his business and his 'trade secrets.' Yet, most understandably, you have a reason to want to share his success with the world, because that is your business, as you offer affiliate plans. While your goals are the same - the success of your business; the information you each need to disclose, is opposite as to what is in each of your best interests.

Moral of the story: While you have to be a bit boisterous about your strengths, you need to maintain a 'shyness of success' by not naming too many specific sites so you can be easily reversed engineered. (Of course, cloaking all your source code prevents prying eyes...)

At your service,
Rod Aries


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