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"Data -> Information -> Knowledge -> Wisdom"

List Moderator: Eva Rosenberg

Published by: AudetteMedia

August 5, 1998 Issue # 191

"The risk of using search engines"
~ Rod Aries

Subject: The Risk of Using Search Engines


Subject: The Risk of Using Search Engines

The risk is really in not using search engines...

It can be quite bewildering to plough through all the advice about submitting your web pages to search engines: for example - this engine will accept meta tags, this won't - make your title short - make it long - fill it with keywords, don't use too many keywords.

Well, it is sorta' like French, Italian and Spanish - lots of similarities, so you can often get by using just one language, but there are enough differences to make you have to learn each one to become proficient... What works in one engine, doesn't necessarily work in another.

My question therefore is: 1. Is there anything you must NOT do to avoid being 'penalised' (for example using too many keywords on your page)

A few quickies * write concise, keyword laden phrases in your visible text * write clean, clear titles which utilize a heavy dose of keywords, see my free report at

for a few pointers

* use alt-tags on your images * Be sure to write concise, keyword laden phrases in your visible text * use meta descriptions * use meta tags - place your most dominant and important keywords first so they are not truncated by a character limitation by a search engine algorithm * don't spam by using repetitive keywords, web designer, web designer, web designer * don't hide white fonts on white background with the intent of hiding extra keywords * don't use misleading words (Pamela Lee Anderson), as if you get any extra traffic, the visitor will just be annoyed * use a text navigational bar to maximize spidering * Oh, did I mention, write concise, keyword laden phrases in your visible text

2. Are there rules about resubmitting within a certain time period (or conversely do some engines take a long time to register your Url so that it would make sense not to rush until you get it right).

Here is a rough rule of thumb. You submit a web page to a search engine and that search engine spiders your site 2 days to 4 weeks later. Then, after the spidering of your single page, 1 week to 6 weeks (to never??) later the engine returns and spiders the pages referenced in your site.

Here is what I do. I submit all relevant pages of my clients sites, it can shave weeks off getting a page into an engine. Some engines allow you to make a list if you have more than 50 pages and submit via e-mail, some can only digest one web page per day from one web site, and some engines don't like it - tell you not to do it, but will take multiple submissions (akin to the 'don't ask, don't tell' policy).

I have a web page that take you directly to each major search engines "add url" page.

Here is what not to do. If you have a web page that ranks high, don't alter the page, don't resubmit it. I have, and I have seen a number 3 ranking plummet... If you absolutely have to make changes to a page, e-mail me back, and I will tell you how to do that without losing your ranking... If you need information on free sites and software to do this, just e-mail back.

At your service,
Rod Aries

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