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Thank you for reading information on our automated Search Engine Submission software. You may also want to read our related article, "Do you need automated search engine submissionsoftware to submit to the search engines?"

I have investigated about a half dozen software programs and about 60-70 search engine submission services, before I decided on this one, Submit Wolf

Automated Search Engine Submission Software

Submit Wolf offered the easiest graphical interface and keeps a log of each search engine and when you submitted your last entry. It also has a place for you to load your keywords, description, title, name, et al that saves you having to do it over and over.

Here are a few ways to make Submit Wolf work for you:

  • SUBMIT YOUR WEB PAGE: Submit your own index/main page.
  • SUBMIT TO MORE ENGINES: Submit to more engines than you ever would or could manually
  • SUBMIT MULTIPLE PAGES: You can submit more than just your main web page; you can submit all of your pages. Search engines visit your site and "index" the page you submit generally 2 days to 2 weeks after you submit to them. Then, after another 2-6 weeks they come back and index all of the pages linked by the page you submitted originally. By submitting more or all of your pages, you can save weeks and get your pages into the search engines weeks faster. Why wait for an extra 2-6 weeks for your site to be "spidered" by the search engine robots and lose precious time where you could have been listed
  • KEEP YOUR PAGE FRESH IN THE SEARCH ENGINES: If you make frequent changes to your web site, you can re-submit after each major change.
  • SUBMIT YOUR CLIENT'S WEB PAGES: If you are a web master, you can submit your clients to the search engines.
  • SUBMIT YOUR CLIENT'S WEB PAGES FOR MONEY: Some people use this software to submit other peoples sites for fees of $20-200 per submission.
  • AUTOMATED: Once the data is entered for each of your pages, you hit the "submit" button and you can read e-mail, make a phone call or just relax while SubmitWolf does all the work.
  • TRY BEFORE YOU BUY: There is a FREE download of a demo version!! It is the full program, but only has a few of the search engines enabled so you can try it and see if it right for you.

There is another factor I weighed into my decision, time: I just submitted another site of mine, it took about 5 minutes to set up the fields, and then I registered to 79 engines in about 4-5 minutes; actually the program registered, I did e-mail...

I liked it so much, that I now make it available to others. (Also, for those who are curious, the compensation from this plan, is too meager to sway my glowing review of this product...)

There is a free download of a demo version!! Try it.

A few more frequently asked questions:

Will I save time?
You will save time several ways: you won't have to learn about the nuance of each search engine, where the URL is located and which engines require how many words or characters. Additionally, once you start the submission process, the software takes about 5-7 minutes to do what would take about 1-two hours to accomplish manually.

Can I create a single entry, for all the search engines, to avoid mistakes and repetition?
Submit Wolf allows you to fill in a single template and then this program extracts the necessary text required for each search engine.

What if I change or update one of my pages, how hard is it to inform the search engines?
This is easy, just call up the web page you have previously submitted and hit "submit." Read e-mail and in just a few minutes, your site is updated!

I can't remember which pages I submitted to what engines and on what date I did it? Can Submit Wolf help?
Yes, Submit Wolf keeps track of every submitted page and lists the date it submitted to each engines.

The following material is re-printed from the Submit Wolf home page.

Submit Wolf is a professional Web Page Promotion Robot, with a database of over 1,000 Internet engines, and 800 fully automated submission scripts. Fully programmable, you can edit, and/or add your own engines. Please note that even with a 1,000 engines, not all will submit your page, i.e., an accounting search engine is not going to take a page selling dating services (although those accountants could use a little fun).

Here is information on the various screens, which you can see at the above web site

Site Details Screen
Comprehensive Details are entered for each URL. The information is stored in a project file, and is used by SubmitWolf to ensure submission only to appropriate categories and sites.

Company/Contact Details Screen
Company and Contact details can be entered for listing in Yellow-Pages type indexes.

Engine Selector Screen
SubmitWolf has over 1000 engines and directories, with 700+ automated submission scripts to choose from. SubmitWolf will suggest a list of the most appropriate sites based on your site content, and keep a history of previous submissions for each engine.

Engine Profile Editor
The most powerful feature of SubmitWolf is the engine profile editor. Via this screen you will be able to create your own submission scripts for any engine not already in our database. You will also be able to import third party submission scripts created by other SubmitWolf users.

Keyword Manager
To ensure the optimum indexing of your page, SubmitWolf can examine the page being submitted and compile a list of keywords for you. It will also generate HTML META tags which you may insert into your document. These tags are used by indexing spiders to correctly process the submitted page.

Submission Progress Status
SubmitWolf will submit your site concurrently to 20 engines at a time. The status of each submission can be monitored in real time via the progress status screen.

Submission Status Editor
The submission status for the current project can maintained and edited. This will enable you to keep track of any submissions made outside SubmitWolf, either manually or via another submission service.

All in all, Submit Wolf is an easy to use program, ideal for easily submitting your web pages and saves time.

If you are interested in learning more about how to improve your web site, please contact me at 877-944-6100 (hey, that is a toll free number - call now).


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